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NYX Nordic Face Awards - Vote!

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2016, 9:04 AM
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Alright guys, it's time to vote for your favorite look that will run for the finale of the NYX Nordic Face Awards! The theme for this challenge was "Graffiti". I would really appreciate it if you took your time to click on the link to this site and vote for your favorite look. "Like" an entry to vote, but know that I would be so so so happy if you would vote for me (Miranda Hedman)! I put a lot of thought and effort into this look❤️ Here is the link to my video

You can vote ONCE here so choose wisely:*

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Update! - Graduation, 4 new jobs new apartment

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 3:00 PM

Hello everyone!

So I just wanted to give a little update for you all!

My life has been very very busy lately. I've finally graduated and I have four jobs!! They're all part-time/half time jobs. I work 14 days a month at the cinema in town, which is the most important job for me right now. My second job is being a substitute at daycares and pre-schools. The third job is at a children's workshop that I've been working at over summer, and now they just call me in if they need someone extra in there. AND my fourth job is my Youtube channel which I think is going better and better for me.
So yeah, I'm quite busy, but I enjoy it. I also moved in with my boyfriend two months ago which feels wonderful and it's so cozy and just my style!
I'm very relieved that school is over, and next year I might go to make up school.

You might've noticed that it's been a while since I've posted stock and other art on here. Something gets uploaded by me from time to time, but it's not often. Fact is I haven't made a drawing in about half a year, and I barely ever take any photos. Deviantart is something that isn't on my priority list at the moment, as I'm focusing more on my Youtube channel
I feel like I don't have time to answer to emails and notes anymore and I'm sorry about that, but I have so many other things to think of.
So if you read this and you're constantly sending me notes but don't get a reply, I'm sorry! For now, you may use my stock for book covers without my permission. All I'm asking for is that you credit me by my name "Miranda Hedman", and/or my Deviant page link.  And if you feel for it, you can send me a copy of what you've made (I love to get packages of your work sent home to me!). Just send a note and I'll reply when I find time to read!

Thank you for your time and understanding! :heart:

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New beginnings

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2015, 8:17 AM

"New beginnings" sounds so serious, I'm really bad at titles! Anyway, my old Facebook page that I had around 5000 likes on got hacked and deleted two months ago. I figured out who was behind it and I took care of it.
I made a new facebook page though with the same name and link as the old one, so please check it out! :)

I hope you all like my new stock series "Daenerys Targaryen". I took a few of them after taking the 'real' pictures of the dragon eggs I got from Faerie Magazine. Check them all out on their shop. They're so beautiful!!…

I also made a making of video that you can watch here!

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(CLOSED) Help us win a GoT Exhibition contest

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 11:55 AM
A reminder to keep voting for me in the Game of Thrones Exhibition contest! It's only less than a day left! I'm so thankful for all of you who's already voted for me! I'm in the top because of you guys!

I'm also going to ask you to like my friend Ida Lyrén's comment in the post, since one of the top 5 most liked comments are going to win, and we're trying to get her to the top 5 too!
And if you haven't voted for me yet either, find my comment and like it. I'm Miranda Hedman! I really hope Ida and I win! :D

The contest!…
Here's the previous journal post.
(CLOSED) Help me win a trip to GoT Exhibition!Hello lovelies!
I'm here to ask you a big favor! I've joined a contest on the Swedish HBO facebook page. The prize is to win a trip to the Game of Thrones Exhibition, and I want to win this for my friends and myself. The rule is to write which GoT character you want to sit on the Iron Throne and why.
I wrote Margeary Tyrell and what I ask for you to do is to simply find my comment and like it. Just look for my name "Miranda Hedman" and like my comment. That would mean the world! Please 
Here's the link to the contest
And here's my text translated:
"Margeary Tyrell. She cares for the poor and for the society's best. She is generous and have a strong will to rule. She is smart and shows female strength! She fi

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(CLOSED) Help me win a trip to GoT Exhibition!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 8:37 AM
Hello lovelies!

I'm here to ask you a big favor! I've joined a contest on the Swedish HBO facebook page. The prize is to win a trip to the Game of Thrones Exhibition, and I want to win this for my friends and myself. The rule is to write which GoT character you want to sit on the Iron Throne and why.
I wrote Margeary Tyrell and what I ask for you to do is to simply find my comment and like it. Just look for my name "Miranda Hedman" and like my comment. That would mean the world! Please 

Here's the link to the contest…
And here's my text translated:

"Margeary Tyrell. She cares for the poor and for the society's best. She is generous and have a strong will to rule. She is smart and shows female strength! She fights for her will to come true. After Renly's death, she took a risky step and asked for Joffrey to marry her. She was also the only person who could manipulate Joffrey. She is very smart and I think she can rule Westeros really well."

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An Apologize

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 10:39 AM
Hey guys! I'm going to keep this as short as possible.
As you might've noticed, I haven't uploaded many stock pictures lately, and I haven't responded to most of your messages to me either.
I always tell myself that I'm going to reply as soon as I see a new message but they keep stacking up and I forget to reply.
I don't know when I will reply to everyone's notes, and I'm so so so sorry for that! I have so much going on everyday. I got sick during October to December. I went to school some days a week but I never got anything done because I was too tired because of my virus. Now I'm good and healthy and I'm trying my hardest to keep up with school. I have a fuller schedule this year and I work out many times a week and I'm rarely ever home, or on my computer anymore. My graduation is coming up and there's so much to be done. I'm also working, while I'm also travelling to different towns looking for more jobs.
I just feel like there's not much time when I can just sit down, relax and read all your messages. I hope you all are patient with me and I will try to reply soon. <3

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How I met Lady Gaga

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 10, 2014, 1:09 PM
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10723866 320010908169706 278505213 N by Mirish

As some of you might already know, I love Lady Gaga. She's been my role model since I was 14 years old. September 30th was the third time I was gonna see her live. It was in Stockholm, Sweden this time. My big plan for the night was to throw a pig plushie that I named Little Miss Swine on stage.

The thing is that two years ago, when she last came to Stockholm, Gaga had two shows planned. One on Thursday that I had tickets to and one on Friday that a friend of mine had tickets to. See, my friend and I had planned to go together but the Thursday show was sold out so she got the Friday ticket. What happened is that she and her friends had thrown a gift on stage, Gaga had picked it up, read their note and brought them backstage. I got upset and sad alright, because I was supposed to go with them.

Now, this year I was prepared. I had looked up that at the end of her song Aura, right before Sexxx Dreams, fans were to throw their plushies and gifts with letters onstage, and she'll read one of them. I had my Miss Swine (that wore a pink wig and false eyelashes), and I had written my note. I had told my two friends exactly were we had to stand at the concert, and when to throw our plushies.
When the time had come, and I had made my way to first row, Gaga sat down and everyone started throwing their gifts. I was ready. I threw my pig (which was kind of big). However, the stage was high and I hit the edge so it bounced back. I screamed at the security guard in front of me and he gave me my pig. I tried again... and I hit the very same spot. I didn't get my pig back and I couldn't even look who's gift she picked up. Then, I heard familiar screams. I looked back to Gaga and she held my friend's tiny frog plushie. What are the chances?! I didn't see my friends because they'd gotten pulled back somewhere. I left my spot in and instant and found them. Lady Gaga read his note, and then looked through the crowd to find us. She asked him if he wanted to come backstage after the show and then she asked if he had any friends with him that wanted to come too. Well, after that you might expect what happened!

We were met after the show by one of Gaga's own security guards. After a long time of waiting, we got guided to a room with VIP M&G guests who had payed lots and lots of money to meet Gaga. We were called "the lucky three".
And then it happened. Gaga entered the room and I started crying in an instant (I had also cried half the show so my makeup was all smudged. She's had such an impact on my teenage life, and Gaga and her music has always made me so happy.
There was an Q&A time for 30-40 minutes. It was all kind of sad because half of the people had depressing statements and questions (I actually did too because of how I've been feeling the past one and a half year.). I mean, it was nice, but maybe we got a bit too emotional. She also answered some other questions of course and she also sang Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) a capella for us!

After the Q&A, we were lead back out of the room, to then go back inside one by one to take pictures with her. It was a quick in & out thing with just one hug and without speaking to her. It was the manager/security guard's order, but I get it, she was really tired and she said so herself. However, when I came up to Gaga, she instantly gave me such an eye contact and told me such kind things and great advice for me (because of the thing/question I said). She was so true to her words, and she's so down to earth and kind. I'm so happy I got to meet her after all. It feels like I was worth it, and that it was meant to happen after all.
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* * *

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Which pastel colour should I dye my hair

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 8:56 AM

That's the questions! I ordered four tubs of Directions hair dye today. Why I'm planning on dying my hair is mainly because I'm going to see Lady Gaga in the end of September yaay!
I'm going as a punk/ or grunge party mermaid. :D

Which one is your favourite? Please comment!
Hair4 by Mirish


Don't forget to check out my beauty and fashion channel on YouTube! Wink/Razz 

and me and my boyfriend's new vlog channel! Clap 

and my Instagram! I am a dummy!

and of course my Facebook page! La la la la 

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Going to England on Monday and Hard future choices

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 12:44 PM

Yay I'm so excited! It's me and my boyfriend's first trip together! We're going to England for 12 days next week!
I've decided to get more active on my Youtube channel. I'll be making more makeup tutorials and hair tutorials. Maybe even some DIY videos too. Charlie and I are also going to have a channel together where we will post daily vlogs.
If you have any suggestions on what you want to see me do on my Youtube please comment! Tutorials, Video Tags, challenges, you name it!

* * *

I'm kind of upset too. I miss America so much. I miss my friends and just everything I used to do there. Maybe it's just this town and this summer that makes me feel like this. I couldn't name a more boring town than the one I live in haha!
We're thinking of moving to Dublin next year when we graduate though and I'm looking up acting schools. I don't know if I want to do acting or just become a makeup artist. Such hard choices!
Does anyone know anything about Dublin/Ireland? Cause I don't, and I need some encouragement. It feels like an impossibility to move to America for me, even though it's my dream to live there again.

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Hey everyone! I thought I'd update with a few things. Not so special, but so I'll have something to write about.

I've been having a lot of inspiration lately, which is great. I've been upset about it before, that I haven't done anything, I've just been sitting home staring at a wall and so on.
I've been painting like crazy in school, I've been sculpting and taking pictures. I bought a new computer and a camera so I could start making youtube videos again.

As you might've noticed, I've gotten a bit too much into the Divergent series that I got for my 19th Birthday from my dad. At first I was sceptical about it but I don't think I've ever read so much in such a short amount of time. I read 200 pages a day. I'm so in love with Tris as a character because I see myself in her in so many ways. Always searching for danger, adrenaline, looking for doing purpose and so on. I finally finished Allegiant today and wow I cried so much. I was in school as well hah!

There are many things I'm excited about that I've got planned for summer too! In two weeks I might be an extra in a swedish fantasy movie. It's not really a big thing since there'll be many extras (it takes place in a school I think). I'm still excited for it though cause I'll have something to write in my CV at least. It's my dream to become an actress.
The week before school ends, me and my friend's are FINALLY gonna go laser tag, after years and years of talking about it.
I'm also getting my Daenerys dress soon. Yeah I still haven't gotten it but at least it's finished and ready to ship. I'm building a season 3 size Rhaegal armature doll for it as well which is turning out great.

Then in July, me and my boyfriend Charlie are going to London for two weeks to meet his family. So fun!
After that we're getting our tattoo's done. He'll be getting the watercolor jellyfish on his arm that I have in my gallery. I might be getting "Strong and Brave" tattooed on my side of my rib below my breast. Although I might have it written in High Valyrian since I'd like to have it tattoed in a different language. I thought languages like Latin or Russian for example were too ordinary and High Valyrian from Game of Thrones sounds so strong and beautiful and it'd be cool to have something that people will ask about and wonder what it means.
I wanted to get "Stay strong, be brave" but I couldn't figure out the translation for that. I tried writing to the creator of the language David J. Peterson if he could translate but he never replied. I found the words 'strong and brave' though and I think I got it right too.
I'm getting the tattoo as an important reminder to myself. The past year has been a big struggle for me and I've been at my worst from the beginning of this year until now. My grades have drastically changed and I've stayed home from school many days every week. When I've been in school I've been struggling working and I'm constantly on my guard. I'm starting to feel better now and I feel a bit more positive. I don't skip school as much but it's still hard to go there every morning. I've had great support from Charlie who tells me all the time to be strong and brave. I'm happy I'm getting this tattoo. It feels like it's the beginning of a new start and next year when we graduate, we'll be moving to England and I'm going to try my best to get in to acting college.

I hope I didn't make anyone upset with my kind of sad post. Here, a funny picture!
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Hi everyone!
I am so sorry I haven't made any new stock series yet. I am on a veeeery low budget so I can't really afford to get any of the things I want. I don't have a job anymore cause we've shut down until next fall, so now I'm only in school :(
I haven't gotten my Daenerys dress yet but I will finally have it sent to me next week!

I really need to get things done though. I kept telling myself last year to get into the studio at school and have some photoshoots but I never did. I told myself the same thing this year but I still haven't done it! I get so frustrated at myself!
I'm gonna get my butt up and improvise to at least give you guys something! Maybe some futuristic portraits for stock, since I don't have any outfits to provide :/
I'm going to try to get a full wood elf costume until summer at least!
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A few people have told me that they wish I could do all the Stock ideas that I have in my poll. I plan to do them all, but it will probably take some time since I'm always low on money. The ideas with the highest votes are the series I will do first if I have everything I need for them.
One thing will be different though. I'm planning to do a new Daenerys Targaryen stock series since I'm not very happy with my earlier not so serious Daenerys stocks and I want to do a proper one. I have the season 3 dragonscale dress made for me right now by Walker & White on Etsy. I'm so excited and I will get it in time before season 4 starts, so there will be some Dany stock out until then! I'm also planning to build a life size Drogon (season 3) if I can manage! I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Hair practice! I'm also going to have my roots done before the shoot. I hate my dark hair haha!
Lalala by MirishBd62a18040155cb3e015ee4fb611d77f (1) by Mirish

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Hey guys! I've finally gotten myself new camera! I got a Canon EOS 700D, instead of a 70D, since it was too expensive and I kind of needed one right now while we got winter back in Sweden a few days ago.
I want to take so many stock pictures outside at the moment but it's going to be so hard finding the right time because of the lack of sun we get. Looking on my poll results, I've decided to do the Ice Queen stock series some time this week. I don't have much planned out for it but I think I have the 'props' I need to make it work with what I have in thought and my mom came with some cool idéas for it too. My only problem is when I can do the photoshoot. I go to school when it's pitch black outside, and by the time I go home, it's pretty much the same outside haha!
What I might do, is to have the shoot in the late morning when I start school later that day, but there will be little time for me to do everything, or I'll have the shoot in the weekend, and hope for the snow to be as pretty as it is right now.

I really want to do the Dark Elf series too. I'm going to do it, but I think it will take a while because I want to put some more time to it and get contact lenses, a good outfit and maybe a dagger too. I want to work a lot with makeup and hair to this one and maybe even make a video of the making. Gaaah, I'm getting stressed just by writing it because I know I have to make it soon because I want to take some of the pictures outside in the snow and I don't know how long I will have because we've had such weird weather the past month!

So what do you guys thing of that? :D
Do you have any advice on what I can do, and what I can use for everything to get super? I want to put more effort into this to make my stock more interesting! :heart:

* * * * *
I went skiing for the first 'proper' time with my friends this weekend. I am so happy we got snow the day before. It was so beautiful on the mountain with a mix of snow, fog and clouds. I've always wanted to be good at skiing, but I haven't really been taught well, but my friends taught me and I think I did alright for my first proper time. The high slopes were a bit too high for me so I fell a lot and I got so many (battle) wounds haha! I'm glad I'm over flexible in my limbs, otherwise I would've probably broken my frist and ankle! We had a great time and I can't wait to do it again!
Oh, and I almost collided into a family as well. I'm glad I'm the one who fell with my face in the snow, rather than the father..

 Untitled by MirishBild 2 (6) by MirishLarge (2) by Mirish
I don't know who the winter picture belongs to. I found it on WeHeartIt the other day. Credit to the person who took it! I didn't bring my camera up there but the picture shows exactly what it looked like!

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Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great end of the year!

As usual, I've made a few new resolutions for 2014. I have the usual one's like eat healthier and cut down on the chocolate :P
Another one is to get more creative. Paint and sculpt more, and let out all of my idéas that are stored in the back of my head. I want to make much more stock this year. I think I said so last year too but I feel more excited about it this year.
I'm saving up for a new camera because that's almost the only thing that won't let me be creative, because the one I have is so bad haha! I'm thinking of getting a Canon EOS 70D because it's got great video recording too, so I would finally be able to make some decent makeup tutorials and other videos as well. I haven't even uploaded a video since last summer because my computer is on the edge of dying. I'm so scared that all my pictures are gonna get deleted, so I hope I can get a new computer real soon too. I really want to get a MacBook pro.

I wish I can buy the camera right now but I have about 100 bucks missing so sadly I have to wait until the end of January, and I really want to take photos now lol.

I also have a question about Canon cameras. I don't know much about lenses, and how do I know which one to get? What are the kinds and what do they do and which ones are the best for a decent pricr? I know about macro, but other than that, nothing.

Thank you all so for all the support! It really gives me a huge boost! :hug: :heart:
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My red hair got more pink than red after a few washes so I gave up and discolored it (or whatever it's called to wash the entire color out). Instead I put in an orange toner and my hair turned beige. My mom was so kind and gave me money to go to the hair dresser. I wanted my hair to be lightbrown/gingerish kinda like Lana Del Rey's old hair color, which is really close to my natural hair color. Since my hair had been colored many times before, and because of that, the color didn't turn out at all as me and my hair dresser expected. It got really dark with some purple tones in it! Luckily she only used a toner and I will get a free coloring in two weeks to get it fixed. I've washed it about 4 times since Tuesday and my hair has gotten alot lighter. I don't look good in dark hair at all haha, but it's starting to look better!
However, so far this color doesn't feel like it's me at all so I can't wait for it to get lighter.
I miss my silver hair a lot, but if I kept bleaching my roots like I did all the time, my hair would probably fall off and I'd get allergies more easily.
I've found some really good realistic looking platinum wigs that I will order from Ebay soon. There's so much more fun to make stock with silver hair since I have no idea of what I can do now haha.


It's only three days left until my friends and I are going to London for five days!! I'm SO excited. Everything is finally booked, paid and ready so the worst part to me is done. We'd probably get lost all the time though. I have to get myself a map. I'm not organised at all right now. We're going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and London Dungeon. Then we're gonna do some shopping in Camden, Oxford Street and probably do some sightseeing and see where we get from there. I also have four friends that are already in London too that we will meet! They're in their last year in school so they get to work in different countries for 2 weeks during October. We're planning on going to different pubs and clubs too and dress up for Halloween. I really want to see Thor 2. Does anyone know where the cinemas are in London? And are there any post offices around close to King's Cross Station? I have to send my fan mail to Nick Moran again since I got mine back cause I did it wrong haha!

I can't wait to go!!
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I've never been happier than I've been these past 10 months. I never knew what love was until I met Charlie. I've dated guys before, but it was never anything serious and I barely never felt anything for them, which made me wonder if I could ever feel love. After meeting Charlie, I now know that I'm capable of loving. He calls me princess and he can always make me happy when I'm sad. I would do anything for him. I love him so much and I feel like the luckiest girl in the universe! ♥

Please watch his cover of Hallelujah that he finished recording last night. It's so amazing but he doesn't get the attention he deserves. Please show him support and listen to this song. His dream is to become a famous musician and I want that dream become true for him. Thank you!

ps. He turns 18 today to and it's our 10 months anniversary too! :D…


I feel like I haven't being active enough on here. I haven't replied to messages and so on. Internet on school stops working everytime I try to and then I forget to reply! Okay, no more excuses.. I've been working alot in school and I've actually gotten a part-time job too! It's not what I expected to get but it's good. I only work Thursdays and Fridays after school at the mall. Sometimes on Sundays. I'm selling buns and cakes. I always wanted to work at a café. but it's close enough! It's my first job too so it's not too hard either.

I do make lots of art now, eventhough I don't upload anything here very often. I've been working on a sculpture at school that I will try to finish next week and I will upload that! I've been wanting to use the studio at school too for a long time but I haven't gotten the time to use it yet. I was gonna use it this week but was too unprepared. I'll use it soon though! I'm writing a lot and drawing sketches too, which feels wonderful!

One more thing! I can't remember if I wrote it earlier of not but I'm going to London again with my friends during Halloween week, which is super exciting!! We're going to the Harry Potter studio and London Dungeon. Then we'll see what else we'll do. We were going to Madame Tussauds too, but changed our minds because we don't have that much money. We're even staying at a hostel for five days haha! Any fun ideas of what we could do while we're there? Just tell! Are there any super cool clubs or cheap pubs around? What places do we have to visit?!
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I just sent my first fan mail! I sent it to Nick Moran, actor from Harry Potter and Lock, Stock and Three Smoking Barrels. I'm not sure why I sent it to just him and not to like Emma Watson. It just feels like I have a bigger chance getting an autograph from him.. and he was really handsome as Scabior haha! :happybounce:

Only problem was that they don't sell any IRC's (International Reply Coupons) in Sweden and probably not British stamps either. I needed them so he could send an autograph back. I wrote a note and left 5Ł in the letter instead, so hopefully I'll get a reply.. ^^;
And I found Tim Curry's fan mail too! I have to send one to him! I have to get a Frank-N-Furter autograph!!
Da2 by Mirish

I've been feeling a bit down for a while now. I guess there are a bunch of things making me feel this way. I think I'm a bit self-conscious, I've always been. I've never been the popular girl, I never wanted to be. What I wanted to be was to be a part of that group of girls in school. I was always the weirdo or the only girl without a BFF. I still wish sometimes I was one of those outgoing girls that knew everyone in town, and got invited to events and such. I am outgoing, but not really in the town I live in because there's too many bad memories and I guess I'm still a bit of that weird girl. I'm not saying I don't like who I am, cause I do. I just think I grew up as the 'unlucky' girl that hung out with the wrong people, which made me weird. I'm glad I have gotten to learn new friends now, eventhough I'm not that close to them.

I also feel like people are getting the wrong impression of me on the internet. I'm not self centered or bitchy. That's what I think others are thinking of me, but I might be wrong. I'm actually the quiet girl with a lot of thoughts on my mind. I love being around people and making people laugh. I like helping too and feel like I've done something good about things.
I've finally become a vegetarian after 6 years of thinking about it. I love animals but I don't get to have one. I've always felt bad eating meat eventhough I like the taste, and I get disgusted seeing raw meat. What bothers me most are the way the animals are treated for slaughter. Being a vegetarian gives me a reason to think I've done something good, and that makes me happy.

I hope I can start feeling more happy soon. I so was happy in America but this town is like a place of misery haha, and I know others can relate to that. I am a very happy girl and I try to always stay positive but some people can just bring me down so easily. I'm so thankful to have my boyfriend, who wants to be there for me and wants me to spend the night everytime I'm upset. I'm so glad he puts up with me. I get reminded everyday of something awful that happened months ago. And if I don't, then they're in my nightmares. Yes, I have nightmares many nights a week. Sometimes I'm worried there's something wrong haha.

I'm gonna try to get stronger and thank you all for all the support I've gotten. All of you on Deviantart makes me so happy and keeps me inspired :heart:
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Yesss! I won plane+hotel+concert tickets to see Lady Gaga perform with her album 'Artpop' for the first time! It was at the iTunesfestival a week ago so it was all being recorded. She was so amazing and I felt SO lucky! Alex and I (I got to bring a friend) got some free time before the show, so because it was September 1st, we had to go to King's Cross st where Harry Potter got on the Hogwarts express at the exact same date! Coincidence much? :happybounce:

We also spent most of the time running around the streets of London, trying to find our way back to the hotel and learning the subway system haha. We also stayed at Cumberland Hotel on Marble Arch! That was probably the first and lastt time I will ever be staying at such a luxery hotel! :o

I had such a great time and Lady Gaga is just too amazing. So inspirational!

Here's a few pictures. I will post more pictures on my Blog and Facebook!

Winning 'Applause Makeup' picture!
Untitled by Mirish
Untitled by Mirish
Mermaid fashion for Gaga. I tried throwing the smal seastar to her on stage but I think I missed :(

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Didn't bring my camera and my iPhone obviously failed me!

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To Hogwarts!!

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Yes!! I can finally update my journal on my computer again!

I also updated my 'Stock Rules'. Please take a look!…
If anyone have Stock request, that you want me to make, please comment! I'd be more than happy to get new stock ideas! :D

Do I have any news? Yes! I'm going to change my courses in school from photography/film to Music. I am very upset with the school I go to. I'm starting my 2nd year on Monday and I thought I'd get even more photography and film than last year. Apparently I won't get none. I way got more art classes last year than photography, because they added the courses together because photo started to get less interesting for people.. I was already upset with getting more art cause they didn't tell me about it before I started. Now they've decided to take away photography and film completely because we were only 3 people in my class who choose it for main course this year. I don't want to have art cause I have so much more to learn with photography and now I won't get it, so I'm changing to music. It's really frustrating. I will still be able to use the studio at school though so that's a good thing.

Another thing is that me and my friends are planning to visit London soon! We're looking at hotels and plane tickets at the moment. We want to visit the Harry Potter Studios, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon and such. I'm so excited! :D

I have a new video as well. I finally made a Daenerys makeup tutorial, inspired from both the books and tv show. :)…

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Hello! It's been a while again since I wrote a journal. This new Stash thing doesn't work on my computer at home but it works on other computers so I can write something now.

I've been on DeviantArt for 6 years and I just noticed that I barely know anything about dA exept for posting pictures and joining groups and so on. I've never been on the forum page, I've never joined challenges, I don't know anything about points and prints and so on. So what I'm gonna do is to put more time on dA and try to get more creative. I'm also going to update my rules for my Stock later.

And I made a Facebook page! I guess it's a fanpage for my Deviantart and my Youtube channel, since I don't like having people I don't know on my personal Facebook. :)
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